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In our collection we have more than 30 models of easels, pochade boxes, clipboards and other accessories for artists that we have designed and successfully produced during the last 20 years.

Our products correspond to the best world standards in manufacturing, quality and appearance. TART company is open to new ideas and improvement. We strive to develop our models all the time according to the preferences of our customers.


TART company has a long term experience in the manufacturing easels that reflects on our high-quality products. We have developed a complete production cycle: from the primary wood processing to the making of component parts for the easels and pochade boxes.

We use only beech wood in the production of TART goods. Because a beech has a high quality in its durability and environmental friendliness. Furthermore, this kind of wood is aesthetically pleasing.

All wooden details are permeated safe and natural linseed oil that gives a necessary moisture protection and a beautiful shade.


We check and control the quality of all parts of our products at each stage of the production

The whole manufacturing process is systematic and mechanized. The assembly line for each model has own specific techniques and processes. There is a number of high-quality specialists responsible for it. Their experience is measured by thousands of product samples made by them.

The potential of the company allows leading the parallel production and assembling of the models, regardless of the complexity of the structures.


TART company is responsible for the standardization of the quality of manufacturing products. Because this is not only our respect for the artists but their trust in our brand.

All our easels are manufactured according to the company’s technical specifications and approved by the State Standards of Ukraine.

We make quality easels

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